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Myfileit has created two different platforms (Mobile App and Organization Portal) impalement Myfileit and its features. There are some features available on both platforms. The Mobile App is for user such as parents / coaches / teachers and staff. The Organization portal is for the organization suc as schools, sports club, camps and colleges.

1) There is no cost to the organization to have account with Myfileit and its network of organization. In fact the organization can earn reward commissions
2) Myfileit is very secure system. I fact we HIPAA complaint and Sarbanes & Oxley. Myfileit in mist parenting is technology. Each Family has their own personal virtual database vault. This means you do not share your document images and information with anybody else.
3) Allows 24/7/365 access to documents
4) Keep the documents for 99 years and i frequest will give the Organization a CD of their shared documents.
5) Reduce costs becauase no more making copies.
6) Ensures that staff, teachers, coaches have access to the documents
7) Gives the parents knowledge that in of emergency that professional people have access to right information
8) Give organization audit trail know who verified the documents
9) Will make organization more efficient

The following is a step by step creating an Organization Account Profile

To Start you will:
1) Create organization profile
2) Add / delete coaches, teachers or staff. Only Organization can add or delete coaches, teachers, staff
3) Add / delete events, team - A teacher, coaches, staff can add and delete events / teams if authorized by the organization.